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Aaaannnnddd we’re back! After a long hiatus the blog has returned! Over the course of the year, we will talk about the latest trends, some of our favorite wedding professionals and products, peek into our personal lives and give behind the scenes tidbits. So we are going to start off with a BANG!

Bridalplasty and Events by Design

I had the pleasure of working on a show for E! called Bridalplasty. Yes, I know it’s shocking.  The women are out of control and it’s a big hot mess! The fact is… it’s reality TV! It’s supposed to be a big hot mess! I, myself, am a reality TV junkie and it’s my one guilty pleasure. And no, I don’t just watch mindless reality TV. I love the History Channel, Discovery, any documentary on the Holocaust, and biographies on interesting people, but reality TV fascinates me. People are fascinating creatures, especially when a camera is around.
To be honest, I don’t quite understand the big controversy over Bridalplasty? Is it really shocking that woman, who would otherwise NOT be able to afford plastic surgery and a celebrity style wedding, compete to get it all…from the best in the industry…FOR FREE!!!??? Really? Every bride’s primary focus in the months leading up to her wedding is enhancing her appearance. From teeth whitening to BOTOX, to cellulite reduction, to impants, I have seen it all! Every bride wants to look her best on her wedding day. So the idea that brides would jump at the chance take part in a competition like this, is not the least bit shocking to me. Of course, the women do keep the show interesting with their cat fights and strategic moves in an estrogen charged household! But, that’s what makes it interesting enough to watch!

Stay tuned for the next episode! I will be making another appearance! Bridalplasty airs every Sunday night at 9pm, except this week it will air on Monday, January 17th at 9pm. The girls are being surprised in more ways than one!

And…Stay tuned to the blog. I’m going to have some of the cast members writing in so if you have any questions for any of them, fire away!

Until next time…

Jessica Gillon

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